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The Brand Blueprint™ is a transformational one-day brand storytelling workshop that will:

Discover your story

You’ll hold the secrets that Fortune 500
brands use to stand out in the crowd.

Strengthen your marketing

You’ll become a pro at communicating
your brand story and message clearly.

Grow your business

Grow revenues as you build powerful
connections with your customers.

“Our customers finally saw the uniqueness of our brand’s personality” – Dr. Shica, Incrediwhip

Growing sales is your #1 business challenge

Is your brand getting overlooked by prospects? Is your team struggling to understand your mission or value? Are you frustrated with failed marketing campaigns? Is your competition killing you? It's ok. We have a plan.

You need a clear and compelling brand story

The Brand Blueprint™ workshop was designed to improve your brand story message— empowering you to create effective sales copy, website, email campaigns, elevator pitches and advertisements— growing your sales.


Kickstart your brand’s effectiveness and value. Our one-day workshop covers all the bases.


Uncover your magnetic story

You’ll hold the secrets that Fortune 500
brands use to stand out in the crowd.

Spread your message effectively

You’ll become a pro at communicating
your mission and message clearly.

Gain obsessively loyal customers

Grow revenues as you build powerful
connections with your customers.

The Brand Blueprint™ is a good fit for you if:

• You’re frustrated that your brand is not living up to it’s potential.
• You’re struggling to align your team around a common mission or purpose.
• You’re experiencing rapid growth— outgrowing your existing positioning.
• You’re launching a new project that requires a solid brand strategy.
• You’re struggling to attract customers.
• You’re tired of jumping between marketing tactics that don’t work
• You’re experiencing success, but you want to take it to a greater level.

The Brand Blueprint™ workshop will give you:

• The ability to tell your brand story like a pro.
• A clear message that connects with customers, making sales easier.
• An actionable sales script you can implement immediately.
• Clarity in how to tell your brand story.
• An effective and memorable elevator pitch.
• A “north star” purpose for your organization to use as a guide.
• Alignment as your team works together towards a meaningful big idea.
• A universal script for describing your brand and it’s message that can
be utilized for any marketing effort.


What you'll experience:


Gain a clear understanding of how
to express your value to customers


Learn to attract partners, staff and
customers with your brand story


You'll gain a keen understanding of
how to build your effective brand

What you'll leave with:

Your Brand Blueprint

A clear roadmap for brand success
to assist all of your marketing efforts

Your Brand Story

Become an expert at telling your
magnetic and effective brand story

Your Customer Profile

A customer persona describing
your customers needs and drivers

What will change:

Your Marketing

The way you market and it's impact
will be transformed forever

Your Culture

A unified team, inspired to share
in your brands clear "big idea"

Customer Engagement

You'll become a customer magnet,
growing engagement and sales

The Brand Blueprint can transform your brand and your sales.

Now is the time to stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work. There is no better time than now to bring your organization out the fog and into a clear, engaging and effective brand story. Your team will discover a new passion and purpose, your marketing will become easy to understand, your prospects will become brand advocates and your business will grow in recognition and in revenues.

Brand Blueprint™  –  Option 1

Private Onsite

For your team. We’ll bring the one-day workshop to you, anywhere in the US.


* Up to 6 attendees
* + Travel expenses

Brand Blueprint™  –  Option 2

Private Detroit Workshop

For your team. Bring your staff to the motor city for an immersive, day of transformation.


* Up to 6 attendees
* Travel/lodging not included

Brand Blueprint™  –  Option 3

Public Detroit Workshop

For business leaders and teams. Enjoy the company of other leaders in a fun, transformative atmosphere.


* Per Person
* Travel/lodging not included

Coming in 2018

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Our rebrand turned out great. Our customers finally saw the uniqueness of our product through our brand’s personality.

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P&K worked with us to discover our brand and who we are as a company before creating a logo. Great to work with!

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[Priest & King] does fantastic work in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend using them.

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