Marketing is a HUGE Waste of Money

As a branding consultant, I often pick on marketing, but the truth is that I am a firm believer in it.

The catch is, I believe that every marketing campaign that is not formed from a strong brand foundation is a complete waste of money.

Years ago, I served as Creative Director for a national brand that sold consumer goods in major retail stores.

During my time with the company, I worked with a variety of advertising agencies on countless marketing campaigns.

We threw literally hundreds of thousands of dollars at campaigns for radio, television, events and social media.

The typical result. frustration.

How is it possible that we could hire reputable advertising agencies, come up with clever and beautiful ad campaigns, be seen by millions of people, and see little to no ROI?

It was a hard lesson to learn, but ultimately, we recognized the problem: We had a great product, great marketing, and a neglected brand.

We didn’t stand for anything, we hadn’t identified our core audience, and we had an unclear message about the problem we were solving for our customers.

In retrospect, failing to clarify these areas likely cost the company tens of millions of dollars.

Because we neglected to invest in branding ourselves, the audiences blew us off as noise and ignored our advertising campaigns.

The only way to benefit from advertising is to build your campaigns out of the foundation of effective branding.

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