Mr. Miyagi

So we talked before about how your customer should always be framed as the hero in your marketing.

This might lead you to ask — if the customer is the hero, then what does that make my company?

Well, in classic storytelling, the hero almost always needs help overcoming their challenge— and that’s where a very important character called the mentor comes into the picture.

Remember the movie Karate Kid? Daniel was the story’s hero — but he was just a defenseless victim until he met Mr. Miyagi.

Mentors are exactly as they sound— they provide wisdom and guidance to the hero— equipping them to face their challenge and overcome every obstacle along the way.

– Rocky had his trainer Mick
– Aladdin had the Genie
– Marty McFly had Doc Brown

In most cases, the mentor is more experienced than the hero. Having already overcome a similar situation, the mentor understands the hero’s emotions and also has become an authority on overcoming the very challenge.

This idea translates very easily to your business. Your customer is looking to solve a problem — you understand their pain point and have become an authority in solving problems just like theirs.

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make in their marketing is in portraying themselves as the hero — when in fact, the customer is looking for a mentor.

So next time you craft a marketing message — remember that you are Mr. Miyagi.

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