Stop Playing the Hero

One of the best secrets to clearly talking about your company… is to STOP talking about your company.

Here’s a little storytelling 101 for you.

This is called a story arc

In the exposition, a main character — or protagonist — is introduced.

This character is generally referred to as the hero.

Almost immediately after the hero is introduced, he or she faces a challenge — and this is what drives the story— and makes us pay attention.

Can Rocky become a champion?

Can Aladdin get the princess?

Will Marty McFly make his parents fall in love?

These characters are considered the stories heros and they’re all facing challenges right?

So who is the hero in your brand story?

It’s your customer! Everytime.

Can customer Bob get rid of the grubs that are wrecking his lawn?

Can customer Jane save money on her taxes this year?

Can customer Steve get six pack abs in time for summer?

Every person has a challenge they are trying to overcome — and I believe — that every person is the hero in their own life story.

This means, if you’re framing your company as the hero when communicating with your customer— then you’re competing for a position in the customer’s mind that you’re never gonna get.

Dale Carnegie said “talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours”

So focus your marketing messages on your customer. By portraying them as the hero in your story, you’ll get their attention and have the opportunity to lead them to your solution.

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