The Magic Number

Yes, there actually IS a magic number.

Have you ever looked at an ad that was so crammed full of information that you simply didn’t have the energy to sort through it?

Have you ever sat through a presentation with like 25 points? Where by the time you left, your brain was so overstimulated you couldn’t remember anything you learned?

Or how about this…Have you ever found yourself stuck between buying the white phone or the silver phone?

Well, there’s a reason these situations are frustrating

When given two options, a person can get torn.

When given four or more options they will get overwhelmed.

But…when given three options, it’s the easiest to weigh out a decision.

The advertising world calls it the “Power of Three” — and it’s already functioning in the subconscious of every person.

We are used to hearing about things in threes

As a child, you learned your 123’s, ABC’s, and read about Goldilocks and Three Bears

Every story has a beginning, middle and end.

We describe temperatures as hot, warm or cold.

And every human longs to hear these three words:

I love you

Some of the most memorable slogans have three words:

Diamonds are forever.
Just do it.
I’m lovin’ it.

We cheer for favorite teams in the NFL, NBA or MLB

We watch the news on NBC, FOX or CNN

And we text each other LOL, BRB and IKR

Awards are usually given in the forms of first, second, and third

We eat breakfast, lunch & dinner

We travel by land, air, and sea

I could probably keep going… but I’ll wrap it up.

Studies have shown that people have difficulty remembering more than three main points when presented information. This means piling on the features and benefits list might not be as effective as you once might have thought.

Here are three practical ways you can leverage the power of three in your marketing:

First: You could offer — or at least highlight — three options for your core products or services

Second: You could provide three pricing levels like “Good, Better Best” or “Gold, Silver, Bronze” options.

Third: Try focussing on promoting your three most unique and compelling benefits

Listen, I know it can be hard to create the right language for your marketing. But if you apply this simple idea into your marketing language — and even your product or service offerings — you will create a more clear and memorable takeaway for your audience — which ultimately means growth for your business.

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