Why Your Customers Ignore You

Your customers are more distracted THIS YEAR than any other year in history.


Just the average American experiences over FIVE-THOUSAND brand messages a day, so keeping YOUR business top-of-mind, let alone getting heard is a growing threat that YOUR organization must be equipped to overcome.

So how do you get your business noticed when your target audience is over-stimulated and overwhelmed?

I’ve got some practical tips to get your audience’s attention:

Picture this: It’s 6 AM.

Your customer wakes up to the sound of a TIMEX alarm clock, turns on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, slips into his EDDIE BAUER slippers, and enters the bathroom.

He brushes his teeth with an ORAL B toothbrush and COLGATE toothpaste, rinses with LISTERINE, and steps into the shower.

He bathes with IRISH SPRING body wash, lathers with BARBASOL shaving cream, shaves with a GILLETTE razor, and washes his hair with EVERY DAY JACK shampoo and SUAVE conditioner.

He gets out of the shower, applies OLD SPICE deodorant and NAUTICA cologne, fixes his hair with AMERICAN CREW pomade, and applies NIVEA face lotion.

Next, he puts on his CALVIN KLEIN underwear, TOMMY HILFIGER socks, a HANES undershirt, GUESS jeans, a KENNETH COLE dress shirt, BANANA REPUBLIC tie, ALDO shoes, and a belt from BROOKS BROTHERS.

His SAMSUNG TV is on commercial break:


He walks to his nightstand and picks up his IPHONE, his VOLVO KEYS, and his FOSSIL WALLET — which contains his membership cards to COSTCO, LIFETIME FITNESS, CVS, RITE-AID, WALGREENS, and KROGER as well as his VISA, MASTERCARD, and CHASE debit card.

He shuts off the TV, walks into the kitchen, and opens the fridge: Heinz, Coke, Muscle Milk, Hellman’s, Vlasic, Silk, Borden’s, Kraft, Daisy, Dannon, Oscar Mayer, Imperial, and Jimmy Dean.

He grabs the JIFFY peanut butter, spreads it on a slice of AUNT MILLIE’S multigrain bread, pours his SEATTLE’S BEST coffee from his HAMILTON BEACH coffee maker into a STARBUCKS travel mug.

His IPHONE makes a notification sound — a new GMAIL message from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED about the NBA draft and some special offers from NIKE, GATORADE and Delta.

He closes it out and notices his remaining notifications — Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, RSS, YouTube, Skype, GoToMeeting, Slack, Dropbox, and a new podcast from NPR….which he will probably listen to on the way to work.

It’s 7 am.

Your customer hasn’t even left the house yet, and he’s experienced HUNDREDS of brands.

To get YOUR BUSINESS noticed. in this noisy, chaotic environment. you’ve GOT TO HAVE a strategy.

Tune in to #brandbites each week for help building your brand strategy.

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